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General Questions

We are actually the only company solely specializing in exterior building materials. What makes us different is we are not just a material supply company but also the fabricators of these products. You can purchase the materials from us and we will also fabricate it for your project


This is the precise gap we are filling in the market. All the materials you buy from us can be fabricated and installed via us inhouse.

Yes. With our comprehensive portfolio you can basically imagine getting almost 98% of all exterior work required by a modern building project exclusively through us

The most fundamental advantage you will get it that you will be able to have a one point sourcing and fabrication of your products. This would mean you do not have to keep running around finding vendors and fabricators for various exterior materials a project needs. Another major advantage is the billing and payments, you will have less accounts to worry about as all of your exterior materials work is supplied by one company. Ultimately, also giving you the price benefit of bulk buying.


Services Info

Yes. We can assure you the most competitive prices. We are able to do this because we control both aspects of the segment. We are material suppliers as well as fabricator. This enables us to provide you with unbeatable prices

We are primarily based out of Kathmandu. This is our core service area. However, with our extensive partner network around major cities and hubs in Nepal, we can service you all over Nepal.

Absolutely. We in-infact encourage this. We have a team of architects and engineers who can sit down with you to discuss a new kind of material or a unique application of any of our existing products. We will support you in creating new benchmarks in exterior design for skylines of Nepal

We have a special associate programs just for architects and designers. Once you register for this program, you will be a member. As a member you will get connected to the world of exterior materials where you will be updated with latest products, materials and all the new technologies coming in the market

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